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NBOA Business Officer Institute

When I read a recent article by Donna Orem, President of NAIS, her examination of the tension between competition and collaboration, resonated with me on a personal and professional level. As a quasi-competitive person, I feel that tension every day. At my professional core, I am always striving for the win-win, which explains why the mission of PAISBOA makes sense to me: "Comprised primarily of a volunteer team of business officers working for the common good of all members, PAISBOA's mission is to create savings in both time and money while providing useful resources and expanded knowledge."

Before PAISBOA was a formal association, a group of business officers came together to help each other with the complexity of independent school operations and to help their schools save money through group purchasing. They were way ahead of their time!

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Call for Programs for 2017-2018

PAISBOA is looking for program ideas for our 2017-2018 Professional Development season, and who better to turn to for those ideas than YOU? Some of the best program ideas of the past several years have come from our members, who either suggested programs or workshops they attended, or offered to share programs they presented elsewhere.

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PCI DSS Compliance Workshop - Much More to Learn!

Does your school fully understand the newly updated Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and its implications as it relates to accepting credit card payments?

How do you explain PCI procedures to volunteers? How do you manage credit card security issues during events?

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