PAISBOA Energy Purchasing Program Updates Members on Gas and Electricity Markets


The PAISBOA Energy Purchasing Program hosted a webinar on June 8 updating program members on our group purchasing initiatives for natural gas and electricity as we move into the next contract period, which begins in July 2018.

Participating schools are encouraged to view the two-part webinar, as are non-member schools interested in becoming part of the program, which has 74 schools and colleges purchasing either gas or electricity, or both, for a total savings value of $6 Million. Part One of the Webinar covers the purchase of electricity, while Part Two details natural gas.

 During the webinar, we announced our intention to collect information that will put us in a position to go into the market for energy contracts to be implemented in July 2018. As part of that process, we are asking all member schools to confirm their intention to remain in the Program for the next purchase cycle. All current program participants received an email earlier this week with an election form, which should be returned by June 30, 2017.

 Please note the election form is not a writeable PDF, so participants must print it, fill it out and either scan and return by email to Al Greenough, or mail your hard copy to our offices at 301 Iven Avenue, Suite 315, Wayne PA 19087 by June 30, 2017.

 This is also the perfect time for non-participating schools to join the program, and sync any current individual contracts you may have to our plan for the group. Joining the PAISBOA Energy Purchasing Program requires the completion of an Application, which can be found on the PAISBOA website.

 For more information about the PAISBOA Energy Purchasing Program, please contact Al Greenough at 215-350-9545.


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