Professional Development

Monthly programs:
PAISBOA offers monthly seminars and workshops catered to the needs and concerns of its members. Topics range from health insurance to employee benefits, risk management, economic trending and data benchmarking. All supporting documentation is available to members through the PAISBOA website's Library. CPE Credits are also available to members for qualifying programs.

Over the course of the year PAISBOA conducts intensive workshops designed to meet the needs and requests of the Business Officer. Examples include cash & cash management, short-term investments, collection techniques, contract negotiation and outsourcing opportunities, all conveniently held at PAISBOA’s offices.
Business Officers On-Going Knowledge Seminars, are periodic seminars focusing on a specific subject to enhance business officers’ knowledge of specific subject areas.

Training Sessions:
In conjunction with Edu-Tech Academic Solutions, PAISBOA offers technology-themed training sessions on a wide variety of web-based applications and computer software crucial to the day-to-day administrative functions in the Business Office and other administrative teams at your school. These sessions range from entry level “how-to” help for the beginner, refresher/overview courses for new versions of software products, or advanced techniques applicable for the experienced user that wants to expand his or her skills even further. Courses are held in our Radnor office, as well as on-site for a group at your school. Individualized training, consultation and hand’s on instruction is also available. Click here to contact Steve Blaylock, Edu-Tech’s Training Program Manager for more details, or to schedule a custom class at your school. Also, visit the Edu-Tech website for upcoming course information.  

PAISBOA offers occasional symposia generating idea-sharing for groups to explore similar needs and concerns, and determines how PAISBOA—and its members--can help meet these needs. The association hosts an annual Small Schools Symposium, bringing together member schools' Heads, Business Officers and other important team members to brainstorm and work collaboratively.
Affinity Groups:
The association assembles groups of staff members within the business office to provide support, materials, event promotion and an overall sounding board for those in similar positions at the school. Groups include Tech DirectorsHuman ResourcesPlant Managers andSustainability Coordinators. These staff members share information, knowledge, skills and experience in an effort to connect with their counterparts.
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