PAISBOA offers a variety of communication tools to ensure schools receive important information and resources from PAISBOA, as well as communications between members. 
The Listserv is an important means of communication, as it's a way for members to seek and share advice with others in their field. 
Members are able to obtain resources and updates on the PAISBOA website, but many prefer to read about upcoming and past events and other announcements from the Friday Flyer. The Flyer also gives vendors an opportunity to share their news with our members. 
Webinars and videos are also invaluable tools, as they bring our meetings and professional development to our members when they are unable to join us in person. 
The Vendor Referral list is a compilation of vendors recommended by Plant Managers, Business Officers, and HR Directors over the Listserv. PAISBOA has collected and organized these recommendations so that our members can easily find a quality vendor for their needs who is recommended by their peers.
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