The 2015 PAISBOA Annual Data Survey launched on August 12th. This survey provides a wide range of data allowing in-depth analysis of financial indicators related to independent school management and operations. Your participation in the survey is important and a critical factor in the success of the survey. Please complete all of the survey fields that apply to your school. By providing as much data as possible, you insure that all our schools receive robust data from a wide range of schools, allowing you and your fellow business officers to benchmark against other schools by type, size and geographic location. Only schools who complete the survey will receive survey results and reports. Please also note that in order to receive reports, your PAISBOA membership must be current. If you have not already renewed your school's membership, now is the time to do so!

This year’s survey is being developed in conjunction with Cal-ISBOA (the California Area Independent Schools Business Officers Association). In the survey documentation provided there are references to both Cal-ISBOA and PAISBOA. Rest assured that you are taking only the PAISBOA survey and that you will be receiving PAISBOA data and benchmarking against PAISBOA schools.

In preparation for the survey’s launch, please review these materials files by clicking on their links:
-Survey Support Website: The site lists general FAQs and guidance, provides a comments forum to allow you to view and answer others’ questions, and includes an instructional video and a section to solicit recommendations for next year’s survey. The website is available here.
-Instructional Video: This video will provide you with information on how to use the survey tool, as well as how to avoid common errors when entering data. Please take the time to watch this 9 minute video.
-Instructional Document: This document will provide you with written instructions to reference while taking the survey. Click here to view the document.
-Confidentiality Policy: Keeping your data safe is important to us. Part of this involves ensuring that all member schools understand and abide by the confidentiality policy, attached. Please review this policy and save for your records.
On August 12th, you received two emails from Measuring Success - one for the General Survey and one for the Salary Survey. The emails contained your school’s unique survey link and login credentials.

Please note, the first deadline is September 25th. If you submit by the early bird deadline, you will receive:
-An early bird snapshot report for both the General and Salary Surveys, as well as your full report in November.
-The General Survey raw data in Excel format.
The final deadline is October 19th. If you submit by the final deadline, you will not receive an early bird snapshot report, but will receive your full report in early November. Anyone who does not submit by September 25th will not receive any data or reports until November. Unlike in previous years, there will not be multiple iterations and extensions given.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Contact Emily Miller at emiller@paisboa.org or Colleen Atwood at catwood@paisboa.org.
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