From The Executive Director

July 1 was my one-year anniversary with PAISBOA!!! I am so appreciative of the opportunity to work with all of you, and to represent PAISBOA in the larger independent school community. Last year, Hal Davidow, Chair of the Board of Directors of PAISBOA recommended I attend the NBOA Business Officer Institute -- aka Business Officer Bootcamp -- and while I had some reservations, I forged ahead and spent last week with 65 new business officers at La Jolla Country Day School learning how to be an independent school business officer. Thank goodness I had a year under my belt with PAISBOA before I attended because it validated some of the work that I did this year, and it gave me a working vocabulary that was critical to my success at the Business Officers Institute.

Here are some of my takeaways from bootcamp:

Call for Programs for 2017-2018

PAISBOA is looking for program ideas for our 2017-2018 Professional Development season, and who better to turn to for those ideas than YOU? Some of the best program ideas of the past several years have come from our members, who either suggested programs or workshops they attended, or offered to share programs they presented elsewhere.

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